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  1. 1. Nickname: DerpDoggo 2. Rank own: Trainee 3. Date of activity: 29.01.2018 , 30.01.2018, 31.01.2018. 4. Evidence: / 5. How was the day? (Minimum 10 words): Prfect i invite one friend to our server and he play some h and he left And it was hard day becouse of study i didnt spend many times in server
  2. 1. Nickname: DerpDoggo 2. Rank own: Trainee 3. Date of activity: 22/01/2018 , 23/01/2018, 24/01/2018, 25/01/2018, 27/01/2018 4. Evidence: / 5. How was the day? (Minimum 10 words): Fantastick I spend much time on Builders World . But if somebody come to survival i just come there to say hi and ask him do you need some help and help theme than i just leave and be in builders world all the time.
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  4. 1. Nickname: DerpDoggo 2. Age (+ proof): 18 proof: I send to Lucifer on fb ask him 3. Discord Id (Required): DerpDoggo#9569 4. Hours played (proof): 24h proof: and 5. Experience in minecraft, and for how long did you played on the Royal-Gaming server? I have alot of experience. I played 24h 6. How many hours do you play daily? of course, without afk: 3-4h on weekends i can play more hours. 7. Have you been part of a staff so far? If so, what is your experience? time in the Staff: The reason why you are no longer part of the Staff: Yes i have.My experience being a staff hmm many things i know alot of world edit of building making a server better place get rid of hackers, scammers, trollings, the players ho adversting the server... i stick to the rules i know all the rules of Minecraft being nice to other players , help them if somebody need help... Becouse the servers broke down the owners didnt have that many time and didnt spend that many Hours on the server SADLY... 8. Have you received any warns on the server? If so, why ?: No 9. Why do you want to join the Staff team? minimum 20 words: Becouse i thing im pretty good at being Staff i have alot of experience i know all the rules the rules of gameplayed and i hope that i make server more popular . And becouse im verry active and friendly tipe of guy 10. What does a Staff member do ?: Helping the players ho needs , keeps server away from hackers scammers and ho adversting servers (warn him , mute him, kick him or ban) upgrading the server (making a new games and servers) Talking with a players what they want to improve in server.... 11. Do you have the necessary skills for teamwork? Yes of course 12. Do you take responsibility for the decisions made during the 30 days of training? If you break the rules, do you commit to being drastically penalized ?: Sure why not * This topic can be updated any time, please check it regularly! *
  5. 1. Nickname: Lukec 2. Name: Luka 3. Age: 18 4. Discord Id (Required): DerpDoggo#9569 EMAIL 5. Experience minecraft/ bukkit: None 6: Experience voxel and/or world edit: World edit, alot of experience 7. Video with Your Buildings: No 8. What style do you focus on? Design/realism/ambience/organics: Design 9. Which branch of the building do you focus on? Modern/medieval/structures: Modern, but if owners say that we build other themes its not a probleme 10. Are you willing to spend more than 3 hours to build ?: Yea, if i have time 11. Other comments: I have alot of experience for bulding im good builder and that is that haha