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Terms and conditions regarding staff members

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1. Staff offenses are forbidden, and will be penalized drastically. The Royal Gaming team is trying to offer you a variety of capable, friendly and patient staff members. But, if the qualities of one of them disappointed you in any way, please report this to a Headstaff in the complaints section. In this way, we can in a civilized way improve ourselves, and offer you a high-quality staff.

2. We would honestly apreciate your patience with our Trainee members since they are new in the Royal Gaming team and try to adjust to the standards we require, because we want to provide you with a high quality staff. Our system is designed so that the helper's are in continuous training and supervision for 30 days, after which they decide whether or not they really have the necessary skills to join our team.

3. Although our team members are at your disposal, they are not obliged to offer you items, teleport you to certain coordinates, or make your work quest easier in any way. But, informally, they are available with any question about quests, donations or the server in general.

4. Even through we encourage close relationships between players and staff and support close friendships, favors are strictly forbidden. Regardless of the relationship between the player and the member of the Royal Gaming team, whether it is friendly, fraternal or romantic this can not give you superiority above the to other players, or immunity to the rules in any way possible. In case of violating the rules, you will be penalized like any other player on our server.

5. The approaching to a staff member for personal interests or hidden reasons is also not tolerated. Adulation / flattery will not be appreciated. This is not a way to make you noticed, because any player on our server is precious and important for our server, which means trying to get too friendly for no reason, is useless.

6. The Royal Gaming team is trying to provide you with top-quality staff, organizing weekly sessions where each member's work is discussed in detail. Therefore, please do not question the decision taken by a staff member.  However, if you consider that  another player has been unfairly enforced by a staff member regarding the enforcement of the rules, you are free to make a claim against him with clear evidence (images or video) to support your case.

7. Each player of our server shall be given the presumption of innocence, and offer the chance to prove its innocence. You are kindly asked to cooperate in the case a accusation, this will help us to solve the situation as easygoing and civilized. Otherwise, the declining to cooperate with a staff member in connection with the issue, it appears that you observe and acknowledge the fault, thus being forced to apply the regulation.

8. If you have experienced an inconvenience by a player in the absence of a staff member, we apologize, and sugest you to  please create a claiming request on our forum, where you can easely describe all the infos, and present all the profs that can claim him. In the shortest time we will apply the penalties according to the rules.

9. Private abusive messages are also not tolerated. There is no need to insist by spaming with a particular message a staff member, or he will have to apply the necessary penalties according to the situation (e.p spam can lead to kick a/o warn). 


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